Redesign Project, 2008

Arborway, between Jamaica Pond and the Arboretum, has 8 lanes of through traffic. This student project, done in 2008, shows how the road’s footprint can be severely reduced, creating 4.5 net acres of accessible parkland and continuous walking / cycling paths on both sides, while still carrying the through traffic. The two large roundabouts are replaced with signalized double intersections, one of them using a crossover.

Arborway Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

Final Report (pdf)

Simulation / visualiztion of the project with a.m. peak hour traffic flow


Comments on the DCR’s Restriping Proposal, 2020

The DCR has proposed to restripe the roads as a way of making low-cost, short term improvements.

Here are my suggestions for improving that plan. The pdf includes AutoCAD drawings to illustrate the suggestions.

And here are the drawings as standalone documents:  Sheet 11, Kelly Circle and sheet 22,