Improving Ped, Bike, and Car Service and Safety Using Delta Islands at the Comm Ave / BU Bridge Intersection

A unique intersection design for the junction of Comm Ave with the BU Bridge can reduce delay for all users, reduce the length of pedestrian crossings, and protect crossings that would otherwise face heavy conflicting right-turning traffic. Master’s student (now graduate) Jeff Bachiochi shows how this site it well-suited for applying a special design used at a busy intersection in Copenhagen involving delta islands and pre-signals for bikes. Compared to the current plan, it eliminates the need for two lanes, reduces crossing lengths, and adds another protected crossing while reducing the needed cycle length from 110 s to 70 s and offering large delay reductions for peds, bikes, and cars.

Presentation  (pdf)

Traffic simulation of current plan versus new concept (link to YouTube)

Full project report (pdf)